Website creation rules

Website development process

1. Information gathering
2. Design draft
3. Design approval
4. 50% advance payment
5. Website creation
6. Website review and approval
7. The rest of the payment
8. Changes not agreed in advance (if necessary)
9. Additional payment (if required)


1. The client pays 50% of the agreed amount upon approval of the design. The client pays the remaining amount after the site has been designed and approved.
2. Payment can be made by bank transfer after an official invoice has been paid to the company. Other payment methods can be agreed upon individually.

Making changes

1. After the design is created, it is agreed with the client and the client can request changes. Design changes are done 2x. Additional changes are a paid service.
2. After the site is created, the client checks and confirms that the site is ready, the price includes the correction of any errors and changes agreed upon before the site is created and corrections necessary for the functionality of the site.
2.2 For example, if it was agreed that a contact form would be placed on the contact page, but this has not been done, this change/correction is included in the price.
2.3 But if the customer decides to change the landing page to the online shop – this will be done at an additional charge.
3. If the correction is made after agreement, the page is approved again by the client.
4. After approval ALL changes are charged.

For customer information

1. Domain and host must be purchased before the site is created, or SIWEE can help you with that for an additional cost.
2. The design can only be changed after approval for an additional fee (+100 Euro).
3. Any changes after approval of the site will be charged.
4. During the creation process it may be necessary to purchase additional plugins etc., paid by the client, or a free alternative will be offered (usually the required plugins are known before creation).
5. The client must provide all images and text that will appear on the site before the design is created. If the client does not have their own images, they will be replaced with stock images. Text should be submitted before the design is created, if possible, or at the latest before the page itself is created. SIWEE does not write text!

Additional information

1. SIWEE does not make booking sites like
2. SIWEE does not write text for pages.
3. SIWEE does not translate pages, but a language system can be added to the site.
4. SIWEE does not do marketing, promotion, advertising, etc.
5. SIWEE only builds sites in WordPress.

You can find out the approximate cost of a website using the “Website price calculator“.

The calculator is designed to give you a quick and easy estimate of the cost of your website, all real costs will be agreed with the client before the site is built and, if necessary, during the build. You will be contacted after submitting the calculator form.

In case of any doubts, please contact us, contact details are available in the “Contact” section.